"A Wedding Ceremony is such a special moment…. two people in love stand before their families and friends and speak the promise of love they have held privately in their hearts. It is an honor and a privilege to share this sacred time with them and until that moment no one really knows how extraordinary it truly is. What passes between a couple invisibly as they marry is Magic!"

"My commitment to every couple who chooses me as their officiant is to do everything possible to help make their wedding the extraordinary experience their union deserves. My many years of experience have given me invaluable insight about the wedding day and what helps make a couple feel comfortable and secure. "

Mary Jean has over 10 years experience and during that time has also coordinated many weddings. This experience has given her the sensitivity to help create a more stress free day for everyone.

Mary Jean has a unique gift . The sound of her voice creates an atmosphere of warmth and peace and makes each ceremony a profoundly moving experience. "After a ceremony I performed, a couple who had witnessed the ceremony said, 'We have been to many weddings and usually guests will be distracted and sometimes talk during the ceremony but as soon as you began to speak, you captured everyone's attention and we listened to every word.'

Mary Jean has studied and integrated a variety of spiritual traditions into her world view. She has studied with Native American Healer and Shaman James Whitegle, and practices the Seven Gland Healing Technique. She is also a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner. Mary Jean uses her personal warmth and healing voice to serve couples and individuals across the country as a non-denominational Officiant and spiritual counselor both in person and via telephone.