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Dr. Georgia Fox (left) receives the Hargreaves teddy bear from Dean Leigh Ann Ross.

June 14, 2024

AUBURN, Alabama - Outstanding Harrison College of Pharmacy students, staff, faculty members and preceptors were recognized in ceremonies on April 10, April 24, May 3 and May 7 as part of the 64th Annual Awards Program.

In all, more than 60 awards were given to more than 100 recipients. Dr. Georgia Fox took the top honor, the Hargreaves Faculty Mentor Award.

The awards program is coordinated by the HCOP Awards Committees. Serving on the student awards committee was Dr. Brent Fox (chair), Dr. Miranda Andrus, Dr. Marilyn Bulloch, Renee Delaney, Brianna Foster, Laurie Gann, Dr. Kelly Hester, Dr. Rebecca Maxson, Halie Phillips, Maggie Phillips, Olivia Shanks and Dr. Jianzhong Shen. On the faculty and staff committee were Dr. Salisa Westrick (chair), Dr. Raj Amin, Kaylen Anderson, Heather Box, Dr. Angela Calderon, Missy du Toit, John Folmar, Marcia Gannon, Scott Godwin, Dr. Ashley Hawthorne, Dr. Amber Hutchison and Maggie Phillips. Additionally, Jenny Johnston coordinated graduate student awards.

This Year's Award Winners

Pharm.D. Student Awards

ALSHP Health System Student Award
Emma Pride

Viatris Excellence in Pharmacy Award
Amber Peaco*ck

Wolters Kluwer Award of Excellence in Clinical Communication
Sarah Johnson

Excellence in Hospital Practice Award
Kristin Allen
Lauren Hudson
Morgan Keller

Dr. Byron B. Williams Award
Kavon Diggs

Professionalism Award
P1 - Karrington Howard
P1 - Cat Williams
P2 - Keila Adams
P2 - Cade Pritchett
P3 - Blake McClellan
P3 - Lila Parrish
P4 - Emily Oliver
P4 - Ashleigh Neese Tierce

Auburn University President’s Award
Sarah Grace Cook

HCOP Graduation Marshal
Ryleigh Bery

Pharmacy Student Research Award
P1 – Juan Rodriguez
P2 – Chloe Benedict
P3 – Ginny Snipes
P4 – Sarah Chirambo

Walker Medal
Mary Layton Lancaster

McKesson Drug Company Award
Abbie Ingram

Merck Award
Natalie Cairo
Avery Nobles
Jessica Walker

U.S. Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Practice
Heather Vance

American Institute of the History of Pharmacy Student Certificate of Recognition
Lindsey Hansen

Rho Chi Award
Maddie Kordecki

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Patient Care and Professionalism Award
Hailey Lowe
Hannah Webb

Outstanding International Graduate Student
Chloe Dion

Outstanding Student Award
P1 – Michal Moore
P2 – Darby Moore
P3 – Briley Graves
P4 – Anna Piech

Student Council Officer Recognition
Maddie Northington (President)
Molly Kate Farris (Vice President)
Thomas Raymond (Vice President-Mobile)
Sydney Anderson (Secretary)
Madison Piedra (Senator)
Carson Tierce (Treasurer)
Keila Adams (Treasurer-Mobile)

Pharmacy School Council Leadership Award
Madi Brown
Natalie Cairo
Jessica Richardson
Ashleigh Neese Tierce

Graduate Student Awards

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants
Sriraja Srinvasa
Fajar Wibowo

Merriwether Fellowships Nominees
Nour Al Ghraiybah
Xiangzhong Xue

Outstanding Ph.D. Students
Xuejia Kang
Heqin Yang (Nominee)

Outstanding International Students
Tim Lai
Nur Mita
Zarna Raichura

Dean’s Travel Awards
Ahmed Kamel
Robert Alongi
Iva Durdanovic
Vipasha Dwivedi
Nur Mita
Oluchukwu Maureen Ezeala
Suhrud Pathak
Kang, Iris
Asmita Khatiwada
Tim Lai
Nick McCormick
Jeremiah Pfitzer
Emma Redmon
Sampada Tamhankar
Kaniz Afroz Tanni
Destini Thorton
Xiangzhong Xue
Heqin Yang

AFPE Fellowship
Ian Steinke

Best First-Year Experience Mentor
Sampada Tamhankar

Boshell Research Day
Fajar Wibowo (2023 Best Overall Poster)
Sampada Tamhankar (2024 2nd Place Poster)

Auburn University Student Research Symposium
Destini Thornton (HCOP Oral Presentation Winner)

22nd International Conference on the Science of Botanicals and the 7th World Congress on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Destini Thornton (2nd Place Poster)

Comes up with Smart Ides
Jeremiah Pfitzer
Xiangzhong Xue

Working More and More Each Day
Tim Lai
Zarna Raichura

Class Techy
Nick McCormick
Nur Mita

Joyful Learner
Ahmed Kamel
Sampada Tamhanker
Heqin Yang

Making Others Feel Better
Asmita Khatiwada
Kaniz Afroz Tanni
Destini Thornton

Faculty/Staff/Community Awards

Hargreaves Faculty Mentor Award
Dr. Georgia Fox

Outstanding Teacher Award
Dr. Nathan Pinner

Outstanding Student Advocate
Dr. Brooke Jaramillo

Outstanding Colleague of Harrison College of Pharmacy
Dr. Edward Thomas, Dean of the Auburn College of Sciences and Mathematics

Friend of Pharmacy Award
Anjie Davis, Miranda Powell and Eleanor Odom, University of South Alabama Simulation Program

APPE Preceptors of the Year
Laura Hendrick, Community Pharmacy APPE
Rachel Larry, Acute Care APPE
Emily Powell, Ambulatory Care APPE
Morgan Williams, Health System Practice APPE

IPPE Preceptors of the Year
Sara Barnett, Community IPPE
Lori Camp, Health and Wellness IPPE
Justin Fussell, Institutional IPPE
Alanna Rufe, Clinical IPPE

Preceptor of Excellence Awards (Faculty)
Auburn-Montgomery: Dr. Heather Whitley
Birmingham-Tuscaloosa: Dr. Kristi Kelley
Columbus: Dr. Lori Hornsby
Huntsville: Dr. Miranda Andrus
Mobile Pensacola: Dr. Emily McCoy

Outstanding Experiential Partner
Dr. Jorda Baxley and Debbie Nowlin, Piedmont Columbus Regional

Outstanding Resident Teacher Award
Dr. Mattie Schanandore

CE Presenter of the Year
Dr. Kristi Kelley

Rho Chi Society Alumni Honor Roll
Dr. Amber Hutchison

Faculty Research and Outreach Excellence Awards
Dr. Rajesh Amin (2)
Dr. Rusty Arnold (2)
Dr. Spencer Durham
Dr. Amal Kaddoumi
Dr. Surachat Ngorsuraches
Dr. Miranda Reed
Dr. Forrest Smith
Dr. Vishnu Suppiramaniam
Dr. Salisa Westrick

Embracing Innovation Staff Award
Heather Box

Exemplary Leadership Award
Dr. Greg Peden

Exemplary Service Award
Ashley Reid

Outstanding Health Professional
Christin NeSmith

Outstanding Staff Member Award
Marian Williams

Pinnacle Award
Renee Delaney


About the Harrison College of Pharmacy

Auburn University's Harrison College of Pharmacy is ranked among the top 20 percent of all colleges of pharmacy in the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report. Fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), the College offers doctoral degrees in pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and pharmaceutical sciences (Ph.D.) while also offering a master's in pharmaceutical sciences and a bachelor’s in drug and biopharmaceutical sciences. The College’s commitment to world-class scholarship and interdisciplinary research speaks to Auburn’s overarching Carnegie R1 designation that places Auburn among the top 100 doctoral research universities in the nation. For more information about the College, please call 334.844.8348 or visit

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: June 14, 2024

Auburn University Harrison College of Pharmacy (2024)
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