Danny Koker: Early Life, Career, Wife & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (2024)

Counting Cars and Danny Koker are synonyms to each other. If readers are a fan of the American reality show, then Counting cars must make that list without a doubt. To all the readers of this article, Danny is a multi-talented individual.

He is a writer, producer, businessman, musician, reality star, and many more. His achievements in the varied field have earned him fame as well as good bucks. But other than professional life, the personal periphery is also the field of interest. Stick with us till the end so that we can provide information in detail.

Danny Koker: Early Life, Career, Wife & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (1)

But first its the turn of some quick facts

Danny Koker: Quick Facts

Full NameDaniel Nicholas Koker II
Date of Birth1964/01 /05
NicknameDanny Koker
Marital StatusMarried
BirthplaceOhio, USA
Eye colorLight Brown
Hair colorBlack
Weight92 kgs
Net Worth$ 13 million
Online PresenceTwitter, Facebook


Daniel Nicholas Koker II was born on 5th January 1964 in Ohio. The name of his parents is Danny Koker and Mary Koker. There is a sister of this celebrity known as Kim. But one thing is sure the celebrity is pretty close to all of the family members.

Danny holds the American nationality with white ethnicity. His zodiac sign falls under Capricorn, which suggests the fact that he is determined and calm at the same time. The achievement in the automobile sector facilitates both traits.

Age and Body Measurements| How Tall Is Danny Koker?

Danny is 56 years old as of now. He stands at the height of 6’2″ and weighs 92 kgs. Looking at the height, his weight is pretty understandable. Pretty cowboyish looks support the tall height. All of this has helped the man amassed a pretty good fan following. Sadly nothing on the vital body statistics is available.

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Danny is approaching his 60’s, but what keeps him fit and going is the healthy diet and the workout schedule. His fit body and robust personality are pretty commendable. To complete the physical outlook, black hair and light brown eyes play an essential role. Anything on the shoe and dress size will be updated soon.

Early Life and Education

Koker was born in Ohio and spent his childhood there with the family. His father was closely related to the automobile sector, so the interest of the man in cars is from the DNA. All of his childhood was seen in Detroit.

What readers might be unaware of is the fact that Koker’s father was a singer and musician at the same time. This shows the fact that there was utter freedom in the family to choose the career of will.

In the case of educational background, though, Danny is pretty silent and never spoke about it. Some sources claim this man is a graduate, but surely nothing accurate can be said about his educational attainment.

Either he is educated, or not one thing is sure Koker has done a wealth of good with his career.


Danny was highly interested in the field of automobiles and music from a young age. All of the credit goes to his father and uncle, who are pretty active in both areas.

Danny opened Count’s Kustoms, a shop that is solely devoted to repairing and restoration on motor vehicles, especially automobiles and motorcycles. In the year 1980, he moved to LA, and things started to happen for him.

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Although his family worked in Ford motor company, Danny is a self-taught mechanic who has 58 cars and 58 motorbike collection on his own. What most of the readers might be unaware of is the fact that Koker appeared in the show Pawn Stars way too early.

Moreover, this multi-talented individual runs a restaurant along with a tattoo company known as Count parlor. The list gets longer and longer as Danny is ahead of a band named Count’s 77.

Moreover, what shot Danny to fame is the fact that he is associated with the show named Counting Cars. This show made him way too famous and also focused upon customizing classic motorcycles and cars.

Other Works

The fans of Danny might be unaware, but he is soft-hearted too. Koker runs a charity that tends to look after the abandoned pets on the street.

Time and again, Danny is surrounded by rumors, and one hoax came back in 2008 when sources claimed he, along with his wife, died in a car accident. Well, pretty serious rumor to be part of for the car expert.

Wife| Who Is Danny Koker Wife Now?

Danny is good looking, talented, and also taken. Yes, it is sad news for some female fans. The name of the lucky lady is Korie Koker. Both of them met way back in 2005 and started dating.

To the readers who are unaware of Korie is also an artist, a well-known TV personality. Her achievements in the field of TV is pretty commendable. During the area of work, both the lovebirds met and started dating.

Danny Koker: Early Life, Career, Wife & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (2)

They dated almost for a decade and decided to walk down the aisle in 2015. It was a sacred event with family and friends being called to it. It might have been five years since their marriage, but they have no kids.

With the fame and class of Danny, the viewers of this article might be willing to know about any past relationship. Well, to be precise, Koker has done every bit possible to keep all of it away from the eyes of the media.

At this point, Danny looks pretty happy with his career and the love of his life. Due to the lack of any rift, we feel this relationship will go for an extended period.

Net Worth| How Much Does Danny Koker Earns?

Cars are fascinating pieces of objects that tend to attract some big boys. Danny surely is a big boy with higher wills. So as a fact, the association with TV and cars made him good bucks and fame,

As of 2020, Danny owns a net worth of $13 million. All of this is the result of the life long investment in the field of automobiles and TV. To add up the stack of earning, Danny owns a restaurant named The Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. In the same space, Koker performs most of the time.

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Inevitably the business and promotions do justice to the skills and labor Danny puts in. Although there is proper information about the net worth, nothing fruitful can be said about the annual income and assets.

In his free time, Danny is pretty fond of singing and also traveling. Going to exotic places and spending a good time with the family is the main interest. Whatever might be the case, Danny undoubtedly has a lavish lifestyle.

Social Media Reach

Danny is pretty vocal about his personal life on social media platforms. Most of his car’s information, along with the day to day happenings, can be seen on it. Fans can follow the man on:

Facebook2.1m followers

Twitter143k followers

Danny Koker: Early Life, Career, Wife & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (2024)
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