How to Access the Second Sea in Blox Fruits (2024)

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Get to the Second Sea in Blox Fruits and explore a completely new portion of the map

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  • Unlocking the Second Sea
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Are you wondering how to get to the Second Sea in Blox Fruits? The area is level-locked to level 700, so you have to be 700 or higher to get to the Second Sea, but there are plenty of bosses and tougher enemies for you to defeat once you're there. Read on to learn more about how to get to the Second Sea, and what islands and bosses you can find there.

Easily Get to the Second Sea in Blox Fruits

To unlock the Second Sea, you have to be level 700 or higher. Talk to the Military Detective in the Prison in the First Sea, then defeat the Ice Admiral in Frozen Village. Talk to the Military Detective again, then head to Experienced Captain, who will transport you to the Second Sea.

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Unlocking the Second Sea

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  1. 1

    Be level 700 or above. You have to meet this level requirement before you can start the quest to unlock the Second Sea.

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    Talk to the Military Detective. If you're level 700, go to the prison that's on the island west of Fountain City in the First Sea.[1]

    • Talking to him will start his dialog, "DON SWAN HAS ESCAPED! We need help tracking him down before he takes over the world!" You'll then see that you need to head to Frozen Village to continue the quest.
    • The Military Detective will also give you a special key to a door that hides the Ice Admiral.


  3. 3

    Go to the Frozen Village where the Ability Teacher is. Be prepared for a fight! You'll see a wooden door that you need to go through.

  4. 4

    Go through the door and defeat the Ice Admiral. It's recommended to use Instinct abilities and ranged attacks since he uses Ice attacks at short range.

    • Ice Admiral has weaker attacks, so the fight will be quicker if you have high damage.[2]
  5. 5

    Return to the Military Detective. Talking with him again will reveal that Don Swan is in the Second Sea.

  6. 6

    Go to Middle Town and talk to the Experienced Captain. If you haven't talked to the Military Detective and killed the Ice Admiral, the Experienced Captain will only say, "Keep it moving" to you. Once you've done the quest, this NPC can teleport you to the Second Sea.[3]

    • Note: the enemies here are tougher and use Auras more. Auras reduce the amount of damage taken from elemental fruits.
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Islands & Enemies in the Second Sea

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  1. Even though the enemies are tougher, you'll need access to the islands in the Second Sea to progress in Blox Fruits. The islands and the enemies you can find on each in Second Sea are:

    • Kingdom of Rose - Raider, Mercenary, Diamond, Swan Pirate, Factory Staff, Jeremy.
    • Green Zone - Marine Lieutenant, Marine Captain, Fajita.
    • Graveyard - Zombie, Vampire.
    • Dark Arena - Darkbeard.
    • Remote Island/ Usoapp's Island - A blue flower of the night can be found here for the Alchemists quest.[4]
    • Snow Mountain - Snow trooper, Winter Warrior.
    • Hot and Cold - Lab Subordinate, Horned Warrior, Smoke Admiral, Magma Ninja, Lava Pirate.
    • Cursed Ship - Ship Deckhand, Ship Engineer, Cursed Captain, Ship Steward, Ship Officer.
    • Ice Castle - Arctic Warriors, Snow Lurker, Awakened Ice Admiral.
    • Cave Island - No enemies, but sometimes a blue flower and chests.
    • Forgotten Island - Sea Soldier, Water Fighter, Tide Keeper.
      • Indra Island only appears when the player is teleported there by King Red Head to get to the Third Sea. [5]

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      How to Access the Second Sea in Blox Fruits (2024)


      How to Access the Second Sea in Blox Fruits? ›

      To unlock the Second Sea, you have to be level 700 or higher. Talk to the Military Detective in the Prison in the First Sea, then defeat the Ice Admiral in Frozen Village. Talk to the Military Detective again, then head to Experienced Captain, who will transport you to the Second Sea.

      How to unlock 2nd sea blox fruit? ›

      After you reach level 700, you can start the quest to get to the Second Sea. Once you reach the required level, you'll receive a request to talk to the Military Detective in the Prison.

      How to talk to Rip_indra in Sea 2? ›

      Location. You can battle rip_indra by talking to King Red Head at level 1500 at the Second Sea, where he will teleport you to a small island with Indra on it (You can travel to the island but it is not recommended since it takes a long time).

      How to get true triple katana? ›

      Find the Legendary Sword Dealer and buy three swords from him: Shisui, Wando, and Saddi. With all 3 swords, go to the Mysterious Man in the Green Zone. Talk to the green NPC to get True Triple Katana.

      How to get God human? ›

      To get God Human in Blox Fruits, you'll need 400 mastery in Dragon Talon, Superhuman, Death Step, Electic Claw, and Sharkman Karate. Gather your materials. You'll need the following materials: 20 Fish Tails, 20 Magma Ore, 10 Dragon Scales, and 10 Mystic Droplets, as well as $5,000,000 and 5,000 fragments.

      How to get cyborg race? ›

      Get the Fist of Darkness, a Microchip, and a Core Brain to get the Cyborg race in Blox Fruits (Roblox). You'll need 1,000 Fragments to buy a Microchip to fight Order (Law) and 2,500 Fragments to buy the Cyborg race. You must have access to the Second Sea and Hot and Cold island.

      What does killing Rip Indra do? ›

      While rip_Indra is spawned, the "Castle on the Sea" will be temporarily renamed to "Battle of the Gods" and the theme will change to Lizard Bandit Clan, which was composed by @DTF. rip_Indra is the Boss that rewards the highest Bounty/Honor in game upon defeat, being 125,000.

      How do you unlock V2 in Blox fruit? ›

      The second version of a race (so-called V2) can be obtained by talking to the Alchemist in the Green Zone and doing the Flower Quest. In order to start this quest, the player must be Lv. 850 or more, and must have completed the Colosseum Quest. 500,000.

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