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  • 1 Quick Walkthrough
  • 2 Detailed Walkthrough
    • 2.1 A Mysterious Warrior
    • 2.2 In Search of the Emperor
  • 3 Notes
  • 4 Quest Stages
Stop the Anka-Ra army from laying siege to Craglorn.
This quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective:Celestial Investigator — Learn how the Anka-Ra came to Craglorn.
Quest Giver:Brown-Tooth in Belkarth;
Titus Valerius at Bangkorai Gate
Location(s):Bangkorai Gate, Buried Sands, Ruined Library, Anka-Ra Burial Sites, Tombs of the Na-Totambu
Prerequisite Quest:The Star-Gazers
Next Quest:The Missing Guardian
Concurrent Quest:The Corrupted Stone, Elemental Army, The Shattered and the Lost
Reward:Edge of the Black Sands of the Air
AverageLeveled Gold
XP Gain:High XP

Titus Valerius in the Forgotten Burial Chamber

I met a strange Imperial who was being held captive by the Daggerfall Covenant. He believes he knows how to defeat the cursed army of Anka-Ra that has laid siege to Craglorn since the Celestials appeared.
I learned of a strange Imperial being held captive by the Dragonstar Arena Guard. He claims to know how to defeat the cursed army of Anka-Ra that has laid siege to Craglorn since the Celestials appeared.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Titus Valerius at Bangkorai Gate.
  2. Meet Titus at Buried Sands.
  3. Find the ancient burial chamber.
  4. Meet Titus at Rahni'Za.
  5. Search the academy's library for information.
  6. Defeat the Anka-Ra champions at two Anka-Ra Burial Sites and collect their royal seals.
  7. Meet Titus at Tombs of the Na-Totambu.
  8. Defeat Emperor Tarish-Zi and speak to the Thief.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Mysterious Warrior[edit]

Throughout Craglorn, you will hear rumors of a mysterious Imperial warrior who appeared in the region and was captured by the Daggerfall Covenant. He is being held captive at the Bangkorai Gate on the western edge of the zone, and will ask that you free him when you approach. He explains that he has been transported forward in time, and asks that you meet him at Buried Sands, a dungeon north of the gate.

Once inside the dungeon, you will need to fight your way down the western passage to get to a sealed tomb. The entrance is blocked by the lich boss, meaning your group will likely need to fight him.

As you proceed, Titus will provide some historical information about the Anka-Ra, the mindless sand warriors who have recently appeared in Craglorn, and their emperor, Tarish-Zi.

Titus Valerius: "The Anka-Ra. The self-proclaimed emperor Tarish-Zi's personal army. Each warrior pledged eternal loyalty to the emperor. The cursed form they wear is the mark of their servitude. If the Anka-Ra have risen from beneath the sands, it can only mean that Tarish-Zi has returned as well. They are bound to him, you see. They rise to his call. Once he ruled these lands—he will seek to do so again. The royal guard gave up their lives when the emperor died, each buried in separate, hidden tombs. With them are the royal seals—the keys to the royal crypt. One such tomb is here. And if I'm right, one of the seals."

Once inside, Titus will reveal that this is his own tomb, and that he is from the same time period as the Anka-Ra. Like the Anka-Ra, he was a servant of Emperor Tarish-Zi, although he was never truly loyal to his emperor and, as such, he doesn't suffer their curse.

Titus Valerius: "This is it. The tomb I spoke of. My tomb. A resting place of great honor granted to me by Tarish-Zi himself. You see, I am not of this time. Centuries ago, I sought to end the reign of the self-proclaimed emperor, Tarish-Zi, by working secretly from within his royal guard. The presence of this tomb means that I failed in my mission. Witness—my remains beside a royal seal. The seal is what we are seeking. It is one of the keys needed to enter Tarish-Zi's crypt."
"The last thing I remember before appearing in this time was the sound of a battle horn. Then I heard the voice of the one you call the Celestial Warrior. Tarish-Zi must have heard the same call. It is why we have appeared in this time. There are two more seals to recover, two more tombs of the royal guard. The vanity of Tarish-Zi will serve us well. He had scribes record every conquest, every monument. They will have written about the burial places of all his retainers."
"In my time, a great library existed in a place called Rahni'Za. If it's still there, the information we need could be inside. Think on what I've told you."

He will then gather equipment before asking you to meet him at Rahni'Za, School of Warriors.

In Search of the Emperor[edit]

"Did you think you could escape this fate, false emperor? Even across the aeons, I find you. And my blade is as sharp as ever, praise Akatosh!"

Once at Rahni'Za, you will need to make your way to the academy's library. This is not actually located within the Academy itself, but in the cliff face to the west, at the head of Scorpion Ravine. Once inside the library, Titus will make an appearance and will begin searching the place for a book on Tarish-Zi. Search the pile of books on the upstairs landing to progress.

Titus Valerius: "Wait, that's it! Let me see that! Riza and Tahmin … I know you must be mentioned in here. Ah! Here it is. Both were granted personal burial chambers near the falls to the north. I pray the entrances have not been buried. We should split up to save time. You find Riza and Tahmin's tombs and retrieve their royal seals. I'll go to Tarish-Zi's crypt and scout it out. We need to know what we're facing. When you have the seals, meet me at the crypt. With luck, we can catch Tarish-Zi unawares."

The pile will reveal the locations of several tombs that you will need to enter to stop the Anka-Ra. The first two are nearby Anka-Ra Burial Sites. You do not need to help the Star-Gazers at the sites; instead, simply enter the tombs' interiors and fight the champions. The final tomb is that of the emperor, who was buried in the nearby Tombs of the Na-Totambu.

Titus will tell you to meet him there, but he will not help you fight through this dungeon. Instead, he will wait at the end, just outside the entrance to Tarish-Zi's tomb. Once you've arrived, allow him to speak and then enter the tomb. Tarish-Zi can summon Anka-Ra warriors to aid him in combat, but is otherwise an unremarkable boss fight. Once you've defeated him, the Thief will appear to congratulate you. Titus will subsequently make his way to the Star-Gazers' Observatory.


  • Prior to Update 12, the library at Rahni'Za was located in the final area of the main academy, meaning that it was possible to complete the quest The Trials of Rahni'Za along the way. In order to make this quest soloable as part of the One Tamriel overhaul to Craglorn, the library was moved so as to not affect the group focus of the Rahni'Za quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Warrior's Call
Finishes QuestJournal Entry
I should speak with him at Bangkorai Gate.

Objective: Search for the Indecent Imperial at Bangkorai Gate

Titus Valerius offered to help me stop the Anka-Ra if I free him from his binds.

Objective: Free Titus Valerius

I should meet Titus at Buried Sands. He claims there's something we'll need from there before we can proceed.

Objective: Travel to Buried Sands

I met up with Titus at Buried Sands. He says there is an ancient burial chamber somewhere inside that we need to find.

Objective: Search for the Burial Chamber

I helped Titus Valerius find the burial chamber. I should see what he has to say about it.

Objective: Listen to Titus Valerius

In order to retrieve the other two royal seals, we need to find out where the other members of Tarish-Zi's royal guard were buried. To do so, Titus suggests we head to Rahni'Za, a monk's school which houses a grand library.

Objective: Find the Ruined Library

I reached Rahni'Za, the School of Warriors. The library should be around here somewhere.

Objective: Enter the Ruined Library

I should look around and see if I can help Titus find the book that will tell us where the royal guards were laid to rest.

Objective: Help Titus Locate the Legend of Tarish-Zi

We discovered the locations of the tombs of the other two members of Tarish-Zi's royal guard—Tahmin and Riza. While Titus prepares for our attack on the royal crypt, I must track down the remaining royal seals.

Objective: Retrieve Tahmin's Royal Seal

Objective: Retrieve Riza's Royal Seal

I have the royal seals we need to enter Tarish-Zi's royal crypt. I should head there and meet with Titus.

Objective: Meet Titus In the Tombs of the Na-Totambu

With the door open before us, all that remains is to enter the crypt and confront Tarish-Zi.

Objective: Search for Emperor Tarish-Zi

Tarish-Zi stands before us. Defeating him is the only way to diminish the threat of his army of Anka-Ra.

Objective: Defeat Emperor Tarish-Zi

Online:The Warrior's Call - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) (6)The Thief suddenly appeared before me after Tarish-Zi was vanquished. I should speak with her.

Objective: Talk to the Thief


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