TaxWise® Refund Transfer Solutions (2024)

Tax Refund Products Help Benefit You and Your Clients

Choose from a selection of fee payment options; ranging from traditional refund transfer products (bank products or settlement solutions), to low-cost options that help you collect your tax prep fees at no cost to your taxpayer. Refund Transfer products help your clients get access to their money, with the option to receive their tax refund via direct deposit, check or prepaid card. Alternative fee collection programs include: refund advance products (Pre-Ack Loans), Fee Collect™ and 3Fund™.

Fee Collection

Help your clients pay for professional tax preparation by using their tax refund to easily and quickly collect your fees.

Accounts Receivables

Avoid the hassle of postdated checks or invoicing clients, your fees are deposited into your bank account so you can focus on your customers and growing your business.

Grow Your Business

Attract new customers who can’t pay upfront. Choose from a variety options including debit cards or advances. Some customers may choose to take advantage of refund advances before tax season begins.

Client Services and Products

Refund Transfers
Refund transfers, also referred to as bank products, allow taxpayers to pay for tax preparation fees out of their expected refund. These products allow non-banked taxpayers to takeadvantage of IRS direct deposit and not wait for the IRS to issue a check, getting them their refund faster.

Refund Advances
Grow your business by offering advance products. A refund advance allows a customer to take an advance of their expected federal refund before the IRS funds their federal refund. Offering refund advances provide peace of mind for some taxpayers who can’t afford to wait for their refund.

Pre-Acknowledgement Loans (Pre-Ack)
A refund advance is an option available to taxpayers. A refund advance gives taxpayers access to some or all of their refund before the IRS opens for e-file, begins processing returns and issues refunds.

Low Cost Options
We offer a variety of options that will save you and your taxpayers money such as Fee Collect™ and 3Fund™. These options enable taxpayers who e-file to deduct their tax preparation fees directly from their refund.

Learn More About Our Partners

Santa Barbara Tax Products Group®

Partner with the Santa Barbara Tax Products Group®(TPG) for your tax refund transfer needs. Attract and retain more clients today!

Republic Bank & Trust Company

Republic Bankis one of the largest locally-owned community banks. With over 25 years of experience, Republic Bank has the reliability and experience you can bank on!

Refund Advantage®

You have choices, we have solutions! With Refund Advantage®, the refund transfer program that enables you to customize your account in a variety of ways.


EPS® provides a suite of comprehensive refund transfer and payment solutions to manage every financial transaction in your tax office.

  • Fee Collect™

    • Lets you deduct your tax preparation fees directly from your clients' refunds.
    • $15 deducted from tax prep fees, additional fees may apply for certain disbursem*nts.
    • Available in TaxWiseand ATX™.

    What is FeeCollect?
    FeeCollectis a service that permits tax preparers who file electronically (EROs) to deduct their tax preparation fees directly from their clients' refunds. This service is being offered in cooperation with Santa Barbara Tax Products Group® (TPG).

    Who can use this service?
    Any ERO who signs up for FeeCollect™ through the MyATX Solution Center or MyTaxWise Solution Center websites. FeeCollect is being administered by TPG, but EROs should NOT complete the TPG ERO Bank Application. Instead, they should look for the separate FeeCollect™ application on the MyATX Solution Center or MyTaxWise Solution Center.

    Can I offer FeeCollect™ and refund transfer products too?

    No. FeeCollect™ cannot be used in association with any refund transfer products. Tax preparers who offer refund transfer products, even if they do it through TPG, may not participate in FeeCollect™.

    How does FeeCollect™ work?

    Professional tax software solutions create a taxpayer consent form that prints out with the tax return. When the taxpayer's refund is received by TPG, the tax prep fees will be deposited directly to the tax preparer's bank account (minus a fee for this service) and the remainder of the refund will be deposited directly to the taxpayer's bank account or prepaid card (if they chose to receive a prepaid card).

    What is the fee charged to the tax preparer?
    The fee is $15.00, less than you would spend collecting fees from a slow-paying client.

    What disbursem*nt options are available for the client to receive their refund?

    Refunds can be deposited to the clients' personal bank account or to a Walmart® MoneyCard™. You can choose to offer the Walmart® MoneyCard™ when you enroll in FeeCollect™.

    To find out more, contact us at(800)-779-7228.

  • 3Fund™

    3Fund™ is a preparer payment solution that combines three low cost refund options under one brand.

    • Low Cost: 3Fund™ leads the industry with affordable refund disbursem*nt products. There's no technology fee.
    • Easy to Offer: 3Fund™ is seamlessly integrated into your TaxWise software.
    • Reliable: You can depend on us to deliver the refund experience you, and your clients, expect and deserve. TaxWise has been processing electronic tax returns and refund transfer products for years. Nobody has more experience or does it better than us!
    • Available in TaxWiseand ATX™.

    3Fund™ is a preparer payment solution that combines three low cost refund options under one brand. With 3Fund™, you can easily deduct your preparation fees directly from your client’s refund and then give them a choice on how they want to receive their remaining funds— prepaid card, printed check or via direct deposit.

    Your clients can choose the refund option which works best for them, and they won’t have to pay their tax prep fees out of pocket. They’ll be happier than ever before, and you’ll value receiving timely payments — every time.

    Best of all, 3Fund™’s low cost solutions help keep you competitive in today’s market. You can offer a refund product for as little as $30.95!

    • Streamline cash flow — Ensure timely payment by automatically deducting your tax prep fees from your clients' refund.
    • Client satisfaction — Eliminate clients’ out of pocket costs and give them a choice on how to receive their refund.
    • Prepaid card
    • Check
    • Direct deposit

    To learn more about 3Fund™, please call us at 800-375-9542 today.

    If you are an existing customer, please call your Account Manager at 800-495-4626.

Getting Started with Refund Transfers

TaxWise already has established partnerships with several reputable banks who offer bank product services, including refund transfers. TaxWise uses a simplified enrollment process to save you time during bank selection and setup.

"Bank products are one more important tool to have in your toolbox in order to better serve your clients and grow your business."
—Mauricio Castro
Founder & CEO, Taxes & Products Related

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Want to Learn More About Refund Transfer Products?

Check out our bank products toolkit for more resources and information.

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TaxWise® Refund Transfer Solutions (2024)
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