TikTok beauty guru Mireya Rios creates the most satisfying ASMR skincare content (2024)

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TikTok beauty guru, Mireya Rios (@mireyarios), creates some of the most satisfying beauty content on social media, which has earned her a dedicated audience of 3.8 million followers. But the actress and content creator’s TikTok stardom actually happened rather serendipitously.

After hearing about TikTok from a friend, Rios started playing around on the video platform. “I was just doing it for fun at the beginning,” Rios told In The Know. But it was one fateful video that got her noticed in the TikTok beauty world.

“I was looking into one of my drawers and I saw this lip mask,” Rios recalls. “I was like, ‘What is this? This is so interesting.’ And so I was like, ‘I’m gonna make a video out of this.’”

After making the video about the lip mask, Rios says she put her phone away and then 2 hours later saw that the video had a million views. “I was like, ‘What? How is this possible?’” she told In The Know.

After her lip mask video blew up, Rios listened to her audience. “Beauty was always something that I really wanted to do, but that was the one video that I was like, ‘Ok, I should be doing more beauty content,’” she said.

Rios’ beauty videos aren’t just visually appealing. Her content utilizes sonic elements and ASMR for a satisfying viewing experience.

“I love showing the texture of the products and putting it on my skin and getting close and just doing very soothing and satisfying content that is easy and fun to watch,” she told In The Know.

“I think the ASMR sounds go so well with the face masks,” Rios explains. “Putting the sounds together with the movement is just really cool to watch. It’s kind of hypnotizing in a way. You can watch it over and over and over again.”

Beyond showcasing beauty and skincare products, Rios loves that her platform allows her to connect with a wide audience.

“I love reading the messages that I’m being sent,” Rios told In The Know. “I think my favorite messages to receive are when they say, ‘I had a really bad day but I saw your video and it put a smile on my face.’ Truly there’s just nothing better than receiving a message like that.”

The Mexican-born content creator also loves using her platform to connect with the Latinx community.

“My Latin community is really, really important to me. I am such a proud Latina,” Rios shared.

It’s also important to Rios that she shares her personal journey as a Latina coming to America from Mexico with her followers.

“It hasn’t been easy for me to come to the United States,” Rios said. “I’ve had to work a lot for it in terms of visas, and I think being able to show to other people and other Latinas or Latinos that want to come to the United States and be creative, that it is possible and that you can do it. You just have to be persistent and really believe in yourself.”

As for what’s next for Rios, her goals are certainly more than skin deep.

“I want to continue creating videos, and my hope is to create a digital show where I can create my own character and mix my acting background with what I’ve learned and what I’ve been doing on TikTok,” Rios told In The Know.

But Rios shares that she’s gotten so much out of TikTok already.

“TikTok has definitely given me more confidence and it’s made me appreciate and value what I have in my life a lot more, and the fact that I’m able to connect with so many people is such a cool experience,” Rios said. “It’s life changing.”

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TikTok beauty guru Mireya Rios creates the most satisfying ASMR skincare content (2024)
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